About Daria

Daria’s journey, and the evolution of her eponymous brand Zalivako, started when she discovered the outstanding creations of the Berber women during a voyage to Morocco.

As an architect, the designs captured her attention and inspired her to portray her universe via patterns. Her love for colours and the meanings behind them led her to start off with a collection of one-of-a-kind cardigans. Seeing her designs coming to life, adorning the outstanding personalities in her inner circle, Daria now follows her vision to empower women and unleash their fearlessness.

The eye-catching colour compositions and ease of the minimalistic cut make Zalivako originals effortlessly-chic essentials. Using the finest Italian yarns and ethically hand-crafted in the Catalonian mountains, each authentic piece is made with tender loving care.

Daria’s aspiration to empower individuality gives the freedom to drape, layer and camouflage across seasons. The timeless attitude of her distinctive designs celebrate independence and inner beauty.

Values & Ethics

We only work with the best Italian yarns, whether for cotton, wool or cashmere and with eco-friendly suppliers for everything we do, from labels to embroidery. And above all, we produce all our knitwear with a small family factory based in Catalonia which is located in a vineyard where they also produce natural wines. 

With a keen eye for details, I have always valued quality over quantity. All my collections are made with the same supplier. They have been specialized in knitwear for more than two generations and it has been an incredible journey working with them. They respect their employees and they are really worried about their carbon footprint and ecological impact. 

It is really important for me to know that my business is not doing any harm to our planet and thus, if my customers love it, i can not be more happier. 


We are working with the best knitting machines in the world. This is why it took us a long time before finding the right supplier. Today all our garments are made with Japanese state of the art machinery and this allows us to produce the best quality of knitwear you can find on the market today.