The Cocoon - Zalivako’s signature design piece.

Crafted in Catalan’s mountains with the finest Italian yarns, each Cocoon carries the highest-quality standard and cherishes our love for handicraft, with each piece taking six hours to be hand-assembled. Zalivako’s distinctive design identity - the patterns; emerge from blending six different colours of yarns, forming the individuality of each colour composition.
Available in two lengths, our Cocoon is a statement piece that transcends trends, giving you a source for interpreting and expressing your personality, by layering, draping and camouflaging.
Wear it, embracing the pattern in its fullest colour, or reversible, with pockets on both sides- life is dynamic, so is our Cocoon.
Choose among seven different peculiar signature colour compositions, each telling a story, to write your own daily story in a Zalivako original.