"The quality is excellent!"

Good afternoon

I bought one of the kaftans as a gift to my mother. How beautiful he turned out to be! He adorns any outfit! Cozy! The quality is excellent!

I keep dreaming about one for myself. 

- Valeria 


"It is beautiful and extremely comfortable!"

Just wanted to let you know that I finally received my kaftan in Miami, Florida and I have to say it was well worth the wait. It is beautiful and extremely comfortable. I took the long one but was a little afraid it would be oversized for me being 165cm, I am happy to see it is not. I love the colors on both sides and feel I will be wearing this piece often and for a long time. I am going out tonight and can’t wait to show it to my friends.

- Anne 


"Zalivako Kaftans are just too good to be true"

The comfortability is indescribable and so is the level of confidence you reach by wearing it, cause you know everyone’s looking at you! It goes well with everything and even makes that “everything” ten times better! Sometimes I fear that the rest of my closet is gonna be absolutely useless, but that can only prove how good of an investment a kaftan is, from personal experience I know that buying a kaftan is just like getting a tattoo - you can’t stop, which leads back to the fact that Zalivako Kaftans are just too good to be true! No matter what season it is or the occasion to wear it, you’ll get enough compliments to fall asleep with the widest smile on your face!

- Simona


"My perfect companion"

“Each Kaftan tells a story of adventures and dreams. It’s a color diary of one’s mood and character in a perfect shape of a cocoon. I love how at ease with myself it makes me feel, my perfect companion through all the fun moments of life.” 

- Shakri


"I love the soft threads and the big pockets"

I love my caftan and every time I wear it, people ask me where I found such a magnificent wrap.  It is a timeless piece that can be thrown on over anything to make a dramatic entrance to any event, from the beach to the theater.  I love the soft threads and the big pockets. It is ethnic but glamorous at the same time.   I feel like a piece of candy in a wrapper when I wear it.

- Marina



"Stylish and chic"

“What I love about cocoon: that it’s warm and cozy, and at the same time stylish and chic. Cocoon is out of trends it’s like a part of your favourite things that are sure to be with you. Love the print) in some moments you become a chameleon with nature. And I love new long ones!”

- Anka