Why Buy From Us

Colorful patterns that reveal your inner self.

Here at ZALIVAKO, we are “Colors.” While other companies tell you to dress in bla, we believe in celebrating everything that already makes you beautiful in every decade of your life.

We design products that bring out your natural beauty in your 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, and beyond. Customers love our pro-age cosmetics and skin care that allow you to look your best—while still looking like YOU.


Quality yarns, selected with care.

We carefully choose materials for all our products. We hand-assemble all our timeless pieces in our Spanish factory. We are always seeking to improve the quality of our products by working with the best Italian yarns that we can be proud of. That includes many sustainably sourced ingredients that honor our beautiful planet.

For our skin care, we also choose all-natural or organic ingredients as often as possible. For instance, all our Boom moisturizers are made from all-natural bee-produced ingredients directly from our beehives in Hawaii.